(IJT) is a web-based tool that assists in the recording, tracking and reporting of workplace injuries. Through our user-friendly system and leading edge technology, IJT works "behind the scenes" to keep your workplace injuries organized by providing you with a comprehensive overview of each injury incurred and the costs associated with each. Additionally, IJT helps ensure governmental reporting is accurate and compliant   for your company by automatically filling out OSHA required forms. Your only requirement to make the system operate is the initial entry of incident information and any ongoing input of payment information, if necessary.

Functions include:
  • An online form used for the complete description of each accident
  • Tracking tools for all financial data pertaining to post-injury care
  • Automatically completed OSHA 300 & 301 Logs
  • An Excel-based Medical Expense Log
  • Filtered reports available by Date / Date Range of Injury, Employee Name, Type of Injury, Facility / Client, Physician, Payment Date, etc.
  • "Notes", our documentation tool for each injured employee
  • A reminder function to assist with tracking each injured employees activity

IJT was designed for personnel tasked with tracking injury data within their company. Both experienced safety professionals as well as entry-level safety associates alike will enjoy IJT's easy-to-use format and constant accessibility.

For Information About InjuryTrack.Com:
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